“Boatswain” – in “swimming”

Khanty-Mansiysk inter-district prosecutor Mikhail Pavlov began formal verification of the legality of the release of the recidivist Ivan Shavrin from criminal liability for extortion

Khanty-Mansiisk prosecutor Mikhail Pavlov ordered to check the circumstances of the release from prosecution for extortion of Ivan Shavrin, known in criminal circles because of clubfoot under the drive “Vanya-Boatswain”. The commission, with a high probability, will be performed by the deputy prosecutor Vitaly Belentsov. It was he, a year ago, who had gone under the gopnik and had stopped investigating a serious crime for which the “Boatswain” was under 15 years of imprisonment.


The initiator of the appeal to the public prosecutor scandalous human rights activist Mikhail Purtov explained to the correspondent “No censorship” that there are no illusions about the results of the “self” verification:

Recidivist Shavrin freed from criminal punishment deputy prosecutor of Khanty-Mansiysk Vitaly Belentsov

– My actions are caused by the need to comply with the regulations, the procedure for working in such cases. Therefore, I am waiting for a formal answer for further actions, the order of which has already been determined. For illegal release from criminal liability, the same is punishment and very serious.

Expert “No censorship”, the lawyer Dmitry Vasiliev considers the position of the deputy prosecutor Belentsov strange:

– He has [Belentsova] coming to the end of the deadline for the office of the deputy, and the incident with the fading of the scumbag does not contribute to promotion.

Vasiliev sees several possible reasons for the misconduct of the deputy prosecutor of the Khanty-Mansiysk:

– Either this is a low qualification – while the victim does not have a knife in his stomach, there is no evidence of a crime. Personally, I’m inclined to this version, as I was a witness of Belentsov’s speeches in court – the Yunnat, in fact, has problems with legal education.
Either this is the reconciliation of personal accounts with someone from the incident. Either this connection with organized crime, to which the ideological bull, stuck in the brains in the 90’s, is needed for the time being.
Or “Boatswain” is just a snitch, an informer about the events taking place in criminal circles and he is “being taken care of”.

According to Khanty-Mansiysk the bull-calf Ivan Shavrin moves on the old black Infiniti FX-35 with Tyumen numbers 887. This is another’s car on which he was allowed to ride. Sam Shavrin – a golodranets with ponteys, who often have money neither for gasoline, nor for cigarettes.

34-year-old Shavrin, who has two convictions for the theft (Article 166 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and robbery (Part 3, Article 162 of the Criminal Code) was caught sight of law enforcement on January 18, 2017. On that day, the gopot by an organized group extorted a large sum of money from the former chief accountant of a local enterprise that ceased to exist in 2015.

Shavrin demanded to transfer to him two million rubles in favor of four persons who had previously worked in the organization. The names of the customers of the crime “Boatswain” called the bookkeeper at the next meeting, which was held under the supervision of the employees of the RPA. It is noteworthy that one of Shavrin’s clients is a former employee of the interior.

Act “not according to the concepts” – harness the cop, the extortionist was due to a complete lack of means of subsistence. On the audio record, during which the victim informs about the unlawfulness of the requirements and does not recognize the debt, Shavrin actively insists on transferring money to him.
During the operational development of the organizer of the crime – a resident of the city of Omsk Alexei Esipov, who was recorded on audio, admitted in an appeal to the “Boatswain”.

The threat of murder at the first contact of the injured party with the criminals was confirmed by two direct witnesses who testified during the pre-investigation investigation.

In February 2017, Shavrin, who “almost did not cope with the fear of being questioned on the criminal investigation list” (the verbatim assessment of the searchers who worked with “Botsman” – RZ’s comment) was released while walking on freedom, and the materials were handed over to the investigators of the local department of internal affairs . Where was a criminal case under Art. 163 of the Criminal Code, which in a hurry closed the deputy prosecutor Belentsov.

By that time, the opera did not even have time to remove the records of external surveillance cameras that recorded the incident, audio recordings of telephone conversations, audio recordings of extortion in the accountant’s apartment, did not interview a few more witnesses.

According to IA “Prime-Time”, which tracks the activities of Russian crime, there are no authoritative representatives of the thief community in Khanty-Mansiysk.

The situation is commented by the veteran of the “Vympel” immediate reaction group, lawyer Oleg Soroka:

– It is important to understand that for criminals the main thing in committing such crimes, in particular – extortion, is a psychological effect. The effect of surprise. You are so warm in slippers do not suspect anything, are busy with their own affairs, and then – bang, rednecks from the past. And you are in your underwear … And so it’s not a hero at all.

It is in the first contact that threats are voiced, violence is used. It is important for a criminal to break the victim emotionally in the first contact, when there is a certainty that the special forces are not hiding behind the wall and the conversation is not being written. Here the victim has two ways. Either immediately meet with someone from the Criminal Investigation Department to start an operational game and record evidence under control. Not the easiest way for an emotional victim, but a win-win option for the movement of the case in court.

Or go along the path of obtaining a “license for the bull.” That is, immediately return the application to the duty department. Although the operatives consider this to be not the best option, since the criminals in the duty room have their own informants, we have repeatedly faced with this. Well, do not give panic – if you are not part of the underworld, no one will do anything to you. A maximum – will frighten.

I’m generally a supporter of the second way. At the present time, it is necessary to struggle intellectually with crime – immediately isolate from society and begin gathering evidence. And do not catch on bait.

It is important for the victim to behave correctly in the first contact. If an unpleasant incident does happen to you, try not to develop the conflict, do not use retaliatory violence against criminals, do not provoke them. Try to leave the first contact by any means and without loss. Run away, in the end.

And then – concentrate and make every effort to get a “license for the bull.” This is the name of the ticket-notification about the acceptance of the application to the police, the registration coupon of the KUSP. Having this piece of paper on hand, you have untied hands, you have more opportunities for retaliatory actions in case of repeated contact with the “bull”.

Do not consider it a call for lynching and illegal actions, but if you, a respectable citizen who has besides a ticket for registering a statement with the police also have hunting and traumatic weapons, extortionists will again appear – you can already beat and answer and shoot.

And the truth will be on your side – you filed an application, law enforcement officials did not respond properly, you were forced to independently defend their lives. They needed a body to start a business – for God’s sake, please get it. The air in Khanty-Mansiysk will become cleaner.

I clearly represent educational methods that are understood by representatives of the underworld. And I am sure that degenerates like “Boatswain” have no right to exist in our society.

He the third year as was released and does not work anywhere, rides on Infiniti. To the guys from the threats and UBOP with beggarly salaries on “stremno” from that? What does this individual live on? At the woman on a neck sits?

The conversation should be short: from the burrow the shaggy man stuck his head out and only opened his mouth – immediately went to the zone of slippers to sew. It is not necessary to play with the dregs of society in democracy.


The account of the crook

Shavrin Ivan Afanasievich
05/20/1983, native

Resides: Khanty-Mansiysk, st. Yugorskaya 13, apt. 119, additional address – Khanty-Mansiysk, st. Mira 113, Apt. 9, bodies 89028145858

Movement – Infiniti FX35 887 72 black, Toyota Camry У 919 КУ 196 black.
Driving license – does not.

Previous convictions
– Part 1 of Art. 166, unlawful possession of a vehicle 22.09.2006
– Part 3 of Art. 162, robbery with illegal penetration into a dwelling or on a large scale, was convicted by a decision of the Oktyabrsky District Court of the Tyumen Region to 9 years of imprisonment with a fine of 100 thousand rubles, after appeal of the sentence the term was reduced to 8 years of imprisonment, the fine was increased to 180 thousand rubles.
The punishment was served in IK-15 (Nizhnevartovsk). Released upon completion of the term in 2015. He was put on a professional account in the Ministry of Internal Affairs “Khanty-Mansiysk” by the decision of Nizhnevartovsk city court for a term until 15.12.2018.

for being under supervision, twice brought to administrative responsibility for gross violations of the curfew regime:
05/25/2016 – fine of 1000 rubles. (Article 19.24 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, non-observance of measures of administrative restrictions during supervision);
11/12/2016 – a fine of 1500 rubles. (Article 19.24 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, non-observance of measures of administrative restrictions during supervision);

He went on cases of manufacturing and storing drugs, rape, beatings, threat of an object reminiscent of weapons, making and storing homemade firearms.

Distinctive features: does not work, chin chamfered, speech indistinct, blunt.

Related persons – Shevelev Igor Anatolievich, June 25, 1984. native of the city of Khanty-Mansiysk.

RITA ZIMBER, NC, Khanty-Mansiysk

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