A “lime” gas pipeline was built

In the Leningrad region, a gas pipeline was built, built according to documents, but absent in reality, in the erection of which 1.8 billion rubles were invested.

According to the documents, in 2012-2014 in the region a pipeline line with associated infrastructure was built. The customer of the project was a Gazprom subsidiary, Gazprom Invest, and Omega, the general contractor. Gas to the city of Priozersk was due to arrive in 2014.


“By the end of 2015, Gazprom Invest has accepted almost all the work, signed acts in the form of COP-3 (reference on the cost of work performed and costs), about 1.7 billion rubles were transferred to Omega’s accounts. That is, the gas pipeline was built and paid for “, – notes the publication Lenta.Ru.

And the journalists of the “Fontanka”, found only the first section of this pipeline, the length of about 40 kilometers. “At Sosnovo positive and ended. The gas pipeline also ended. A clearing along the route is noticeable, but no gas pipeline, contrary to the acceptance of works, signed and paid for by Gazprom Invest, was not found”, the publication states.

General contractor “Omega” is now undergoing bankruptcy proceedings. According to the documents, the actual execution of the contract for the construction of the gas pipeline is 97 percent, almost all of the work was accepted by the customer without any comments, and also paid, Stanislav Chesnokov, the bankruptcy manager of “Omega”, points out.

But in reality only part of the work is done: at the first start-up complex of the pipeline the readiness is about 85 percent, on the second – 20-25 percent, on the third and fourth only 3-4 percent, he explained. According to the calculations of “Fontanka”, the amount of work done by “Omega” is 700 million rubles, but it received 1.7 billion rubles.

Representatives of the company declined to comment. In Gazprom Invest clearly explain the signing of acts of work performed and pay for them about a billion rubles could not. Ten years ago in Khanty-Mansiysk there was a similar case of fraud with gas mains. Much smaller in scale, but distinctive in its audacity.

Speech on the central gasification of Konev Street, whose residents, upon learning of the start of the application, hastily formalized contracts with the contractor. The works were completed, the elevated mains to the houses are summed up, the equipment is mounted, the gas is given. For considerable, however, money.

It was in the autumn, and people’s problems began with the first frosts. The local emergency gas service registered several signals from Konev street about interruptions with gas supply. Dispatchers for a long time did not take calls seriously, believing that one of the hooligans had organized a telephone flash mob, since in the general scheme the gas mains in this part of the city were absent.

Due to the fact that the flow of calls did not decrease, the crew of the emergency service was forced to leave for the place. What was the surprise of the specialists when they saw in reality the existing highways! All checked: the main line – there is, gas – no. They began to understand and check where the gas pipeline was going. It turned out that the mainline was diving under the earth at the end of the street behind an enclosure.

They began to dig – and there were two 50-liter LPG cylinders, which, while they were in them, came to people’s houses. And the scammers had enough time to cover up the tracks. And as the gas ended – the calls to emergency gas service, whose employees did not know about gas communications on Konev street, fell.

IGOR NIKITIN, NC, Khanty-Mansiysk

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