Fences under the “Aurora”

While the head of Gazprom Neft, Dyukov begged Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovich for tax breaks, his subsidiary in Ugra built fences on six-meter stilts for power lines.

The company Gazpromneft-Khantos in Priobskoye field in Khanty-Mansiyskiy put into operation a metal mesh fence with a length of 1600 meters on 563 piles used for the installation of … 40-ton power transmission line supports. A financial scam on the construction of a fence with a bearing capacity of 22,500 tons (4 cruisers Aurora or 484 T-90 tanks – NK comment) was supervised by the first deputy general director of Khantos, Mikhail Cherevko, under the company’s control.


Take me, cabman …

It’s not beautiful to ride a paradise to paradise. The tax rebate for the development of heavily watered fields in Western Siberia (in particular, the Samotlor field in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – a comment by NK) is part of the backroom arrangement in the framework of the privatization of the Rosneft oil company.

According to RBC, at the beginning of the year, a 19.5% stake in Rosneft was promised a financial curtsey to foreign buyers – the Glencore consortium and the Qatar Shares Rte Qatar investment fund. ltd. ” And only on deposits with a share of water in the extracted product is more than 85%.

However, after the hints of the newspaper Kommersant referring to its sources, that alleged promises are allegedly made by President Vladimir Putin himself, other passengers rushed to the train of tax happiness.

Following the co-owner of LUKoil Vagit Alekperov and the head of Surgutneftegaz, Vladimir Bogdanov, a pitiful letter addressed to Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich about the difficult fate of the oilman, the low profitability of hydrocarbon production and the catastrophic shortage of money was sent by Alexander Dyukov, the chairman of Gazpromneft.

Information on the difficult economic conditions in which, according to Dyukov, is forced to make ends meet, Gazpromneft does not fit in with the actual method of doing business in its subsidiaries. In particular, in OOO Gazpromneft-Khantos.

If the economic evaluation of experts on the activities of the “daughter” is reduced to the principle of “only money”. If we reject the colossal local corruption component, the lobbying of the interests of specific firms by specific employees of Khantos, the acceptance of virtually unsuccessful work, the handing over of objects backdating, the use of counterfeit products …
The picture will be catastrophic.

More money – more opportunities

A clear confirmation of that is the details of commissioning the fence at the Booster Pump Station No. 2 of the Priobskoye field in the Khanty-Mansiysky District.

By terms in documents, this is certainly a strategic object, part of a powerful security system, studying which, the spirit captures.
But, in fact, it’s a beautifully named blue two-meter-high metal mesh fence with barbed wire on top and security cameras on the perimeter. One thousand six hundred linear meters of human stupidity, greed and cowardice.

Without immersing in technical terms, the average person will be able to understand the state of the infographics on the page. This is a consolidated image based on the project documentation of two different objects of two different companies. On the left is the tower of Transneft. They are built along the line of communication on the “Demyanskoye – Tomsk” section, passing through the territory of Ugra. They, as supports of high-voltage power lines, are mounted on the bases of screw piles.

In this case – a length of 6 meters with a screw blade diameter of 500 mm. The nominal load-bearing capacity of such a pile is about 20 tons, the maximum for compression is 56 tons, the separation is 72 tons, the deviation from the axis is 35 tons. If you need details, the technical documentation is available for download from the link at bezcenzura.ru.

The central and right parts of the graphics depict a fence at the BPS-2 of Gazpromneft-Khantos. It uses the same screw piles (difference in diameter of the barrel, pipes – 168 mm instead of 219, but the diameter of the helical blade is the same – 500 mm – about NK). With the same load-bearing capacity. A link to the technical documentation is here.

Why was it done under a metal column weighing … 53 kilograms, which will hold the reticule? What idiot came to mind to mount a fence in the swamp of the Priobskoye field, capable of withstanding the simultaneous loading of 484 T-90 tanks? It is quite logical to ask: if Gazpromneft in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District can afford to install the grounds for a mesh fence on screw piles, which would be enough to install 25 huge power transmission towers, what kind of tax incentives for this company can there be?

If there is money to commit stupidities of this magnitude, it is logical to assume that Gazpromneft has a serious financial resource that is simply used in the wrong direction. Why? And this is already a matter of quality management and control. Why are the gentlemen from Gazpromneft planning to compensate their own stupidity, greed and cowardice at the expense of receiving tax benefits from the budget?

That is, at the expense of money that will not be paid to retirees, they will not be directed at improving the work of the education, healthcare systems, they will not go on building bridges, roads, wages to state employees …


Two-time world champion in swimming in shorts and flippers, Mikhail Cherevko, who by a strange coincidence takes up the post of first deputy general director at Gazpromneft-Khantos, was warned of the danger of useless waste of money even when neither the BPS-2 was installed one screw support.

He was told: look, you are absolutely useless to bury several dozens of tons of metal in the ground and blow off a huge amount of money from the company with state (!) Capital. Stop the work, check the information, send the project documentation for the adjustment.

The loss in the schedule of works is 2-4 months, and the savings will be about 20 million rubles for only one ill-fated fence.
Mr. Cherevko’s reaction was staggering and directly opposite to the actions of a man standing on guard of profitability of a commercial structure with a state capital. And this is only one of 11 such objects.

The writer Saltykov-Shchedrin, shortly before his death, uttered his sad phrase: “Wake me up in 100 years and ask what the Russian person is doing, and I will answer – either drinks or steals.” It’s a shame. Not in the eyebrow, but in the eye. And, if with the first freedom from idleness, grief, joy, irrepressible energy can still be somehow managed. Then with the second ….

Until then, at the helm of strategic state structures, random “golden” boys, the winners of the world championships in swimming in fins, will not cease. While the state does not take under strict control the whole process from the very bottom to writing out premium to top managers. Until then, little will change. In every matter is important – the owner.

It is very difficult to imagine a private entrepreneur, even if very, very-very wealthy, who, at his own dacha, would put himself a fence on stilts intended for multi-ton support of transmission lines. What kind of bribe would not the “general contractor” offer him.

Because there is no point in stealing from yourself and for this you still get rewards from some type. Because it’s yours.
So why is a concrete worker of a particular powerful, rich enterprise that actually has money, if they manage with the mind, does not do anything like that?

Because objects similar to the one described above, before Cherevko will pass dozens, and maybe hundreds. Because it is easier and safer to imperceptibly take a million or two of the budget of the facility for 100 million than to take a million from the object for two million.
Because in fact, the extraction of “difficult to extract” oil from a depth of 4-5 kilometers is cost-effective. If you do not drink. If you do not steal. If you admit mistakes and do not complain.

And if this whole process has a responsible Boss. With the advent of which any talk about the depletion of oil reserves will not even begin.

But this is a completely different story.

NATALIA KELNIK, NC, Khanty-Mansiysk

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