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The police began checking the allegations of falsification of documents on the seizure of housing from the Golubevs’ family

The Golubevs’ family, in which local officials try to take away housing, forging a number of documents, received a notification from the local police about the beginning of the incident check. Official paper on this, issued as early as November 28, 2017, was presented to Vera Golubeva at the beginning of last week.


The first text of 10.12.17 on the confrontation of the Golubevs’ family and Khanty-Mansiysk officials for a week was downloaded from the site more than 2000 times. A reader from Pskov drew and sent to the editors a comic on this topic.

Apparently, mail from the street Dzerzhinsky, 11, where the police building is located, on Gagarin Street, house 192, where the Golubevs live, is delivered on courier’s snails – there is no other explanation for almost a month on the way. The mentioned notification (No. 48/3/176604139597) states that the basis for the commencement of work was a team from the Khanty-Mansiysk inter-district prosecutor’s office. It was there that the Golubevs sent their appeals in early November.

The unusual thing is that the deputy interregional prosecutor Vladimir Markov, in his reply to Golubev from 01.12.17 (№07-959ts-17), said that there are no grounds for taking measures of prosecutorial response … no. Journalists “No censorship” agree that, perhaps, the events described above testify to the reaction of the prosecutor’s office to the publication “Leave Us Alone” of 10.12.17.

Probably, for this reason the supervisor decided to reinsure and conduct a real, rather than a formal check. Assigning it backdating.
Let’s remind, local officials led by Mayor Maxim Ryashin were in the center of a corruption scandal in October 2017. During the attempt to confiscate house No. 192 on Gagarin Street for municipal needs, it was established that a number of documents – the statement of residents about the recognition of the house as an emergency, the decision of the municipal commission to recognize it as such, the evaluation report has signs of falsification, and the signatures of the residents are forged.

In addition, the capital brick house of 1964 built with 90 cm thick bearing walls, on the officials’ paper became wooden and subject to demolition, despite actual wear of only 54% and full suitability for living. This fact was confirmed by experts of the Yugorsk Institute for the Development of the Construction Industry in 2016. Conclusions of the municipal commission, allegedly exploring the facility four years earlier, were refuted.

Based on forged documents about the alleged wooden walls of the house, an appraiser Ibrahimov, who, as he himself admitted, did not go to the site, made a calculation of compensation – 1.3 million rubles, which the Golubev family will receive if it comes to forced eviction.
The incident, which resulted in the whole family on the street, including the 94-year-old mother of the hostess, Maria Ivanovna Purtova, who survived the war, famine and cold, received wide publicity thanks to the newspaper “No censorship”, published on December 10 the first-page article ” Leave us alone. “

IGOR NIKITIN, NC, Khanty-Mansiysk

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