Slight failures

Do “No censorship” a small technical malfunction that affects the layout of materials on the site. The fact is that a computer that was sufficient in power was confiscated during a search in the newspaper’s editorial office, and our archives 486th brake))). RadioCHE, by the way, is silent for the same reason – all the broadcast software is now in the local police.


But we are coping – the main material of the issue “No censorship” on December 24 and the PDF-version of the newspaper in Russian and English will be available for viewing and downloading today even closer to midnight. With the resumption of broadcasting RadioCHE is not yet clear – to re-purchase licensed programs – it makes no sense.

The representative of the editorial board was in the investigation department this morning, whose leadership is still confused as to how to act – they turn a turnip because they did not expect an information resonance. Clarity will come on Wednesday, November 27, – the deadline for the return of the seized computer will expire due to gross violations of the Code of Criminal Procedure, committed during the search.

The distribution of the printed version of the newspaper passed without excesses.

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