“No one can stand”

Under tortures confessing to the organization of the murder, a resident of Khanty-Mansiysk and a marine Eugene Demin received eight years of imprisonment and almost cut his way to freedom

Yevgeny Demin served in the elite troops of the Marine Corps, trained the real man, then worked as a bailiff.

Arms. The hammer. Knife. Pistol. Machine. Grenade. You are an international master of sports in Greco-Roman wrestling. Not serving in the army. He who does not have the skills to handle weapons. Which option will be chosen by you to commit the murder? Provided that the crime is scheduled to commit about eight o’clock in the morning between the 9th and 10th floors of an apartment building in the central part of Tyumen?

Of course – it will be an offensive grenade RGD-5! After all, only its application will minimize your chances of surviving. Will attract maximum public attention. It makes an attempt to hide almost impossible.


Yes, it will also threaten the lives of chance witnesses. Not to mention the possibility (albeit unlikely) of the collapse of the whole entrance. Rave?
Find confidence in the plausibility of this particular version of you will help in the basement of building number 6 on the street 30 years of Victory of Tyumen. Here is located the Office for Combating Organized Crime in the GUVD of the Tyumen region.

Sensitive and caring UBOP specialists, thanks to a lot of experience and simple everyday objects – books, cellophane bag, wet mattress and electric wire with bare ends, will make your recognition easy and inconspicuous. You confess not only to a particularly serious crime. But in the transfer of data to British intelligence and cohabitation with Laurence Beria, who already testified about his allegedly non-traditional sexual orientation in 1953.

Love trio

The investigation could not establish the involvement of Eugenia Baskakova in the attempt on her ex-husband

32-year-old (at the time of the described events – note by IN) Yevgeny Demin moved to the city of Tyumen in 2014 with plans to change his permanent place of residence. In late March, he met 29-year-old married Evgenia Baskakova.

Adultery was stormy. In June of the same year, after 14 years of marriage, Baskakov divorced her husband Stepan, a former employee of the Tyumen Pre-trial Detention Facility No. 1, and, after taking two children aged 9 and 11, moved to live with the new elected one.

At first, there were no special problems. Demin and Baskakov crossed several times. In addition to communication on elevated tones, men did not take any actions against each other.

But soon after, Baskakov, who was seriously worried about his wife’s departure, decided to excommunicate her from conducting a joint business, informing the former wife that she “does not intend to keep her with the boyfriend” (the information from the case materials is an IN note).

As compensation, Baskakov assumed the obligation to repay loans that had been issued for the former spouse (about 1.5 million rubles at the time of the events described – about I.N.), and payment of alimony. The fact that money was taken in banks to develop a joint business, and not for a woman’s personal needs, was of no special importance at the time.

Baskakova and Demin decided to live, as fate will put – she began to look for work, he – money to open their own business. And the investigation considered that it was then that Demin allegedly decided to kill the rival, having the self-serving goal of capturing the property of the Baskakov family.

Neither the investigation nor the court took into account the testimony of the injured Stepan Baskakov that in the event of his death all property and business passed to the children without the possibility of selling it by someone else. Formal selfish intent was found. And in the autumn Tyumen countryman, Aslan Borov, a 24-year-old native of the Chechen-Ingush Republic, who lived at the moment of events in the village of Yarki in the Khanty-Mansiysk region, came to Tyumen for work.

Friends met. Baskakov helped Borova, a close acquaintance with which, by the way, she denied at the investigation and in court, settle in Tyumen at the first time. But, according to the prosecution, at one point it was Demin, not Baskakov, who complained to Borov about the problems that his ex-husband had created his wife. Hogs supposedly offered to find people who could solve this problem.

He talked about his 24-year-old peers: the master of sports of international class in Greco-Roman wrestling Amir Gagiev from the village of Purpe of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District and Tyumen, Islam Barhanoyev.


Approximately so – in a T-shirt, Tyumen lawyer Vyacheslav Antufyev met with his clients before the case of Demin. After he fished his client’s mother 2.5 million rubles, in his portfolio there were pictures in a suit against the backdrop of expensive stairs and cottages. Attorney Antufie knew that his client had been tortured in the UBOP, but nowhere had he stated this, convincing Demin to remain silent and admit guilt, guaranteeing a suspended sentence. Such lawyers are called “red” – acting in the interests of the investigation against their trustees.

The events of November 7, 2014 developed swiftly. In the morning Baskakova called Demin and said that her acquaintance entrepreneur was ready to give Eugene 550 thousand rubles to open her own business and asked to take the money. An interesting fact – on the eve of the businessman flatly refused to lend Demin on the pretext of a lack of available funds.

The loan was formalized. A few minutes after receiving the money, Demin was called from the police and asked to drive up to solve some insignificant problem. Demin did not know that the SOBR had detained two hours earlier in the entrance of the house where Baskakov lived, the alleged perpetrators of the crime of Gagiyev and Barchanoyev. According to the investigation, Barchanoyev stayed to wait between the floors, and Gagiev went up to the 10th floor, called the apartment and was going to, when the owner opens, to throw inside the grenade to commit the murder of Baskakov … But more on that later.

In the police building, who did not understand Demin, he saw his pale lover and was immediately detained on suspicion of organizing an attempt on the murder of her ex-husband.

Demin’s car was searched. Formulated a few minutes ago, borrowed money was confiscated and recognized as material evidence – the means designed to pay for “killer” services. It is noteworthy that 500 thousand rubles were withdrawn from the car, and the remaining amount – 50 thousand, disappeared without a trace. Perhaps someone received it for certain services.

For the entire period of the work on the case, lawyer Antufiev, who according to journalists “No censorship” has all the signs of “red” – that is, a human rights activist acting in the interests of the investigation, pulled 2.5 million rubles from his mother. Moreover, officially as a payment for services were issued only the first 500 thousand.

By the way, one of the tools used by fraudsters to “squeeze” money out of the victim is to suggest fear, anxiety, and a sense of critical situation. In the case of Poliakova, lawyer Antufiev did not have to make much effort. Mom of the only one, who was raised without a father, the son who was behind bars on charges of committing a particularly serious crime, gave money to the “defender”, not thinking about any receipts.

– First 500 thousand – to the victim, then – 500 to appeal, someone had to appease him, then he said, 500, or better – a million for release on bail, – the woman cries. Fine for me imposed 100 thousand for violation of the order of payment for his services. I sold the apartment in Khanty-Mansiysk, gave all the money to him. Now I wander through the rented rooms. As we are ordinary people, finding themselves in a situation that has never come across anything similar in our whole life, we generally can know that we are just a feeder.

Of course, none of the complaints against Antufiev had any practical effect. There were no documents confirming the transfer of money.

Journalists of the newspaper “No censorship” managed to find out the fate of only 500 thousand of 2 million rubles transferred in excess of payment for legal services. The money, indeed, was in the victim Baskakov. He admitted in the course of the court session the fact of their receipt and asked not to give Demina a penalty connected with the deprivation of liberty.

“It was the mistake in the line of defense chosen by lawyer Antufiev, in my opinion, that led to such sad consequences,” commented the outcome of the case, the honored lawyer of Russia, attorney Mikhail Purtov. “First and foremost, one should never admit that he did not.” If this happened as a result of psychological pressure, or, as in this case, torture, you should abandon these testimonies at the earliest opportunity. Demin is the only defendant who did not do this and, like a routine, kept repeating the plea of ​​guilt, naively hoping for a suspended sentence. Which, however, is not an obstacle for reviewing the case on newly discovered circumstances. Chance is scanty, but he is”.


– When I saw the video of the first interrogation of my son at the UBOP – my lawyer Antufyev showed it to me on the computer, I asked -” Who is this? – burying himself on the table with papers, says Alexandra Polyakova. He’s telling me,” This is your son. ” I was in shock – he is all blue, spotless, does not look like himself at all. Later on a date he showed me burns on his hands.

According to the journalists of the newspaper “No censorship”, burns are marks on places of contact with bare wires under tension.

– He tells me – “Mom, I used to think that it’s only in stupid TV shows on NTV show. I’m a Marine, I was sure that everything can be sustained.But Alexandrovna took off her glasses – tears began to drip over the edges of the filled lenses, and she lifted her head. – On the day of his arrest, he was put on a wet mattress, handcuffed, began to ask questions and put the wires to his hands and feet. He was for a while, very little time, he said, was patient. And when a package was put on his head and a UBOP officer stood up in his torso, he could not stand it … A healthy, strong guy … What he was turned into …

The investigation found Demin – the customer of the attempt, Borov – the organizer, who brought the grenade, Gagiev and Barchanoyev – performers. Initially, everyone gave a confession. And all but Demin, who followed the advice of the “red” lawyer, refused them. Declaring to the investigation and the court that they made confessions under torture.

Athlete Gagiev, like Demin, was tortured with electric shock. Yes, with such predilection that he received damage to internal organs, and his lawyer Mammadov, two years later stated at the trial – traces of torture on the defendant’s legs have not disappeared to this day and required examination.

However, the judge of the Central District Court of Tyumen Konstantin Vezdenev, in satisfaction of the petition for a forensic medical examination of the accused, refused. Vezdenev referred to the position of the senior assistant to the prosecutor Tulupova that “the declared facts were already subject to pre-investigation checks in 2014 and they did not find their confirmation”.

Of course not found! The regular medic of SIZO-1 is a former colleague of the victim Baskakov, who worked there before leaving for business. That is why there are no references to any injuries to the accused in the acts of examination of the defendants upon admission to the SIZO.

Particularly intractable Barhanoyev, the UBOP officers were tortured twice. On the day of detention – an electric shock, and on November 9, the day of detention of Borov – an attempted rape. In court, Barchanoyv explained that his pants had been removed from him, bent down, put his belly on the edge of the table, and behind him was a rosy-cheeked “ubopovets” with an unbuttoned fly. The result – signed everything that was submitted without reading.

On the judge’s question, where was the lawyer, Barchanoyev explained that he was invited to the office, when all the papers were decorated. The human rights activist on duty signed his name and left without being interested in the further fate of the client. The same was done with Borov. They showed him photographs of the place where the operatives hid another grenade two days earlier and issued a voluntary dispatch of the ammunition on November 9 during a second search.

According to the investigation, Borov bought several pomegranates in the market in Igusheniya from unidentified persons.

White thread

A couple of weeks before the arrests of the criminals, at the end of October 2014, Stepan Baskakov returned home late at night. He found at the door of his apartment on the tenth floor of two Caucasians. They were Gagiev and Barchanoyev.

RGD-5 – Soviet offensive anti-personnel grenade, adopted in service in 1954 and used to date. The radius of the lesion is 15-20 meters. The response time is 3.2-4.2 seconds. According to the investigation, it was planned to use “killers” in the attempted murder at the entrance of a multi-storey building at 8 o’clock in the morning.

In court, both showed that they had come to warn Baskakov about the impending crime, since if they wanted to kill, they would have been killed there or even earlier. However, it did not turn out to talk, because Baskakov, who came to Podshofe, came first “What’s there to rub?”. Nothing is smarter than how to answer “Where does Lena live?”, The Caucasians could not.

On October 28 Gagiyev and Barchanoyev decided to repeat the attempt. About 23 hours Baskakov, who slept after drinking alcohol, heard “extraneous noise on the landing” (quotation from the testimony of the case). Approaching quietly to the eye, the future victim saw two “bearded” men at the door, who asked Lena the day before.

Without opening the door, Baskakov went to sleep on. Probably, this is a strange behavior for a person who claims that the next day he moved out of the apartment and appealed to the UBOP with a statement of fear for his life.
This fact was confirmed by Baskakov in court. Despite the fact that the date he announced – October 29 was different from the actual date when he wrote a statement about the fear for his life – November 5, 2014.

The next day – on November 6, an ambush was set up in Baskakov’s apartment. Four SOBR fighters, one UBOPOVET and Baskakov. The owner of the apartment, at the direction of the opera, wrote to his children that he had come from a business trip, and would rest at home all day. The calculation was that the children would tell Demin or the mother and they would send Gagieva and Barchanoyev to the removal. However, no result ensued.

Then Baskakov wrote SMS to his ex-wife. The result is the same – zero. In fact, Gagiev and Barchanoyev on their own initiative came in the evening to the house of Baskakov. But they did not go in – it was too late, and they did not want to worry about that for the night they did not want to tell stories about the impending murder.

By the way, Caucasians were moved not so much by the good intentions to save someone else’s life, but how much they wanted to receive money – from Baskakov remuneration for information, from the organizer of Borov – payment for allegedly executed murder.
Both Gagiev and Barchanoyev were in a difficult financial situation and only because they did not apply to law enforcement bodies, although they did not intend to commit a murder.

To say exactly who initiated the murder – Demin, Baskakov’s ex-wife or a mediator of the Hogs, both of the accused could not.

But it was obvious that they did not receive direct instructions from Demin to kill Baskakov. And, if the latter, under the pressure of a lawyer, did not repeat his guilt as a parrot, the case would, with a high probability, take a different turn.
On November 7, early in the morning, Baskakov again wrote to his former wife VMS that he was at home. Gagiev and Barchanoyev came and climbed the stairs. But they did not knock at the door. We stood and went. SOBRovtsy, who watched what was happening through video eyes, were completely bewildered – the “killers” come not for the first time, but for no apparent reason do not take any actions.

The Caucasians left again. Baskakov wrote SMS that he was definitely at home …

The situation is commented on by lawyer Mikhail Purtov:

– The events described above are operational development, which is carried out within the framework of the law on “Operative-search activity” – the PFD. In the case there is no order to conduct an ORD, this is a gross violation. What Baskakov does is insistently sends SMS on the instructions of a police officer who does not react to Caucasians, this is called a provocation of a crime, incitement to commit it. This is expressly prohibited by law. That is, the whole result – an ambush, detention, detection of a grenade, a knife – all this should have been recognized by the court as inadmissible evidence. But for some reason, there is no such request.

About 10 hours Gagiev and Barchanoyev returned to the entrance and waited. Sitting on the stairs between the 9th and 10th floors. But Baskakov still did not come out.

And then nerves surrendered to SOBRovtsev (SOBR – a special detachment of rapid reaction), who spent more than a day hovering eggs in bulletproof vests. The capture began. The result of which became two twisted Chechens, a knife and a grenade. The appearance of the latter should be given special attention.


In the course of the investigation, the siloviki alleged that Gagiyev had knocked on the door, after which the SobRovs opened it and seized it. The Caucasians also testified that they were sitting on the stairs between the floors, and this was seen by one of the tenants who at that moment had gone out to smoke (this witness, by the way, disappeared very mysteriously and is not mentioned in the case materials).

Gagiev says that they put a bag on his head, brought him to the platform of 10 floors and tried to put something into his hand. Since the wrestling of the master of international sport in Greco-Roman wrestling is difficult to unravel, Gagiyev’s fist was stamped with the heel of a turban and allowed to “hold”, as it turned out, a RGD-5 grenade. Later, the expert gave the investigation the conclusion that the blood on the grenade is the blood of Gagiev.

According to the testimony of the fighters of the SOBR, they received a command to run out on the capture in pairs. The first couple was to detain Barchanoyev, whose siloviki saw a knife through a video eye. The second one is Gagieva.

Defense lawyers believe that it was logical – the first decided to neutralize the one who had weapons. There was no talk about the presence of a grenade. All the events of the siloviki were recorded on video, but this record was not presented in the case file. At the trial, the prosecutor stated that there was no video, because everything allegedly was broadcast in real time without fixation.

Although, according to the contents of the minutes of one of the hearings, the prosecutor personally acknowledged the existence of this record. Which could shed light on the actual circumstances of the seizure. And, it seems, is not in favor of the investigation.
Defenders drew the attention of the court to the very interesting circumstances of the detention of criminals, based on the testimony of SOBR officers.

The first silovik, who ran out to the playground, said that he saw a grenade in Gagiyev’s right hand, but ran past him further. The second “sobrovets” also saw a grenade, but … ran on.

The third one saw a grenade, but decided to block the free left hand of the offender. And only the hero-commander, who ran to the site, as the commander was supposed to, last, saw a grenade, managed to put the pistol on the safety catch and hide it in the holster and then neutralize the criminal.

And Gagiev with a grenade all this time clicked the seeds and looked at the people running around in uniform.

According to the testimony of SOBR employees, the check was in a fuse. And the antennae were diluted. That is, according to investigators, Gagiev was going to kill Baskakov, throwing a grenade in the apartment, and knocked on the door without pulling a check.

“Hi! Brother, are you Baskakov? Now, wait, I forgot to pull the check “...

About the chances

Journalists interviewed several lawyers and lawyers who had no previous relationship to this case. Opinions were divided in two. Human rights defenders with little experience in work agreed that there is no chance to review the verdict, the terms are missed

Lawyers with experience of 20-30 years or more gave specific examples, when in seemingly hopeless cases, verdicts were canceled, the cases were reviewed.

“At least a year”

A few days before the publication, Alexandra Alexandrovna called me and asked me to return the materials. I’m in journalism for 24 years, 12 of them are in criminal journalism. Time has taught to read not only materials, but also people, including – by voice. It was clear – Demin’s mother “cut the back”.

We talked quickly and parted though calmly, but it’s cold. The lost time was a pity, but I did not want to do anything against the desire of the elderly person. At lunch, Alexandra Alexandrovna called me again and asked me to take the topic back:

– Everyone tells me that there is no chance, that I will only make things worse. I, the fool, listen … And how can it be worse than now? How?! I’m 60 years old, my son is not three years old, and there will not be five more! My father was brutally murdered, cut to pieces, the criminals were given six years and released after three years! To his son – eight years of strict regime. The rest of the guys – ten. No chance, nothing will be achieved – so be it. But at least we will try. And other science. I would at least a year less, I’m afraid I can not wait, I will not live.

To be continued.

IGOR NIKITIN, NC, Khanty-Mansiysk

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