“Wrong” congratulations

I’m not phlegmatic, I do not see the world only in gray colors. I love to live, I love to love, I love when people love me, I love to rejoice, I love it when I praise, and I like ice cream. I do not want to spoil anyone’s pre-holiday mood, I generally do not like to spoil the mood, but this New Year’s “congratulations” – not for everyone.



It so happened that I wrote it, rather for myself, almost 12 months ago. And it turned out for those who are ill. At whom the passing year is the year of the Great Grief. This is a “wrong” congratulation, because what happened to them this year by human nature is not right.
For those who do not know how to congratulate, who “is not accepted” to congratulate on this night, because of the fear of the unknown – how to be, on the other side of happiness. For those who have lowered their hands, time has risen, there is no sense. Who is hurt.

Who is rushing, suffers “why …”, breathes into emptiness, breathes emptiness, stuck in emptiness.
You are not alone. Those who help you, close. You do not see us, do not see, you do not feel. This is normal. If the word “normal” is generally appropriate for your condition. We have accepted, accept and will take part of your exhausting pain on yourself. So, as a tea spoon takes over the heat of the contents of the glass. A spoonful of a spoon, a spoonful of a spoon. Until the heat ceases to cause pain.

You are hurt, because you are a Man. Because you were born a Man, brought up to be a Man. Would be an animal – it would be easier. A Man – feels. Suffer!

Probably, your pain will not go to the end and your grief will not become white, contrary to the assurances of the lovers of God. But to know that there are people around who are ready to put their own shoulder under the descending hands – it is necessary. And your shoulder, perhaps someone in the course of time will be very needed. So you live, please.

Live. And then the desperate couple will be told: “Congratulations! You will have a child! “. Older parents: “We are bored! We go!”. To the patient: “You are healthy!”. Loving girl: “Be my wife!”. And the child in the orphanage: “Get dressed! Mama came for you! “.
Take care of yourself.

Thank you for reading to the end.

RITA ZIMBER, NC, Khanty-Mansiysk

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