“The bandit formations in Chechnya were financed from the budget of KhMAO”

Yuri Chekin learned the names of the real customers of the murder of the prosecutor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District Yuri Bederin, called the true cause of the attempt on the mayor of Nefteyugansk Vladimir Petukhov and asked for protection from lawyer Anatoly Kucherena

In the network appeared a video appeal to President Putin of the former auditor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug Yury Chekin, one of the ten most wanted citizens of Russia.

He said that, thanks to the help of a private detective in the last two years, he was able to establish the customers and the organizer of the murder of the district attorney Yuri Bederin – a crime in which Chekin himself is suspected.

The circulation of the disgraced auditor consists of five parts. The first three were sent to the editorial office of the newspaper “Without censorship” mediator on January 24.

The fourth and fifth parts among others appeared after lunch on January 25 on the page of the son of the federal official – Sergei Chekin, “VKontakte”, and by the evening became available on his YouTube channel:

In fact, the camera inspector, who is wanted for more than 17 years, does not directly mention the names of customers for a high-profile crime. Why there is a twofold sensation.

Or Chekin still does not want to disclose the names to enable investigators to impose real criminals, which is unlikely – after watching the video, the criminals are already aware that “he knows them”. Either it’s a signal to the customers themselves – “leave me alone or I’ll give you up,” which is also unlikely.

Objectively, the phrase “The client of the murder of the prosecutor Bederin is …” on the video there. Because loud loud sensation has not yet happened. Moreover, we need not only names and words, but also events and documents.

However, when watching the video again, having set a goal, it is not difficult to see a single picture from Chekin’s sketchy remarks on this topic.

However, it is rather difficult to draw certain conclusions to an outside observer who does not know the details of the criminal case and the roles of the persons mentioned in the record. Except for the fact that the defendant in ordering a resonant crime is alive, contrary to rumors, he did not perform a plastic surgery and, as he himself claims, is on the territory of Russia.

Journalists of the BC, who collect information about the murder of prosecutor Bederin from the moment of its commission, agree that Chekin cites quite weighty arguments of his innocence, which, at least, need careful verification.

Who did not know, and even forgot

The prosecutor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District, Yuri Bederin, was shot at the entrance of his house on Engels Street at the eighth hour of the evening on July 25, 2000. Three shots in the back of the head in the stairwell between the second and third floors – in these five-story buildings there are no elevators. He did not see anything suspicious and turned to the “bored” Caucasian with his back, which he had just passed.

Shots were heard at the entrance and many people were seen running through the sandbox. On a warm summer evening, many adults and children were in the yard.

The pistol (according to the investigation version it was a gas IZH-78, altered for firing live ammunition – about NK) has not yet been found. Later, on the investigation, the killer admitted that he threw the weapon into the street toilet of one of the nearby barracks (now they are demolished – comment NK) on the street of the Comintern.

But which one – will not remember. Perhaps, these statements were given as a mockery of the policemen, who climbed all the lavatories of this quarter, and the sifting of the feces of the result did not yield.

A group of criminals from three people followed Bederin for several weeks. They studied the route of the head of the supervisory authority, fixing the time of movement of the victim, habits and addresses – the prosecutor liked to walk home on foot, 15 minutes to the house. The first attempt of the assassination broke – the killer could not cope with the nerves and Bederin lived a few days longer.

Suspects installed quickly. Investigation group from Moscow, headed by General Yelsukov, took only a few hours to analyze the connections of cellular subscribers in the area (mobile communications in Khanty-Mansiysk at that time did not have the current total distribution and mobile owners in the city, in fact, it was not much – note NK). A few days later the criminals were detained.

full translation of the text will be available 30.01.18

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