Yury Chekunov will be put on trial

In Ugra, the first fire station collapses out of seven standard buildings built in 2014 in hard-to-reach villages of the region

The responsibility for spending budget money under Contract No. 354 is borne by the head of the CU “Centrospas Yugoria” Yury Chekunov

The Office of the Governor Natalia Komarova is preparing an examination of the fire department in the village of Kormuzhihanka, Oktyabrsky district, KhMAO. The building, built in 2014 for 20 million budget rubles, freezes, flows, rusts and began to sink. The work was performed by Khanty-Mansiysk company Alexei Kondinkin “Story Assembly” under the state contract №354, concluded with the state institution “Centrospas Yugoria” on behalf of the director Yuri Chekunov.

The expert will be known in February on the results of electronic trading. The acceptance of proposals for determining the price of the service is closed by the governor’s office on January 25.


Within 30 days after signing the service contract, the specialist must issue an opinion on the compliance of the volume and quality of the executed works with the requirements of the state contract, as well as the real cost of the building.

According to clause 7 of the Terms of Reference for the examination, which will be available in the package of tender documents, “according to the results of the provision of services, the executor shall provide an expert opinion that will have the evidentiary value and the force of the legal document when it is transferred to judicial and investigative bodies.”

Rust on the frame of the building of a fire station means that condensation forms inside the walls due to the temperature drop and the presence of “cold bridges”. Wet insulation is frozen and turned into dust

The fire station in the village of Kormuzhihanka was built according to the state contract No. 354, which provided for the appearance of similar facilities in six more remote areas of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Wannsevat (Beloyarsky District), Bolshoy Atlym and Chemashi (Oktyabrsky District), Kayukova (Surgutsky District), Chehlomey (Nizhnevartovsk District ), Pyr-Yakh (Khanty-Mansiysky area).

The contract value is 140 million rubles, i.е. 20 million for each depot.

The winner of the auction – LLC “Story Assembly” from Khanty-Mansiysk, was the only bidder. The state contract was signed on December 31, 2013. The facilities were built in 2014.

Joint-stock company “MBK” – the official partner-builder of the European concern ASTRON in Khanty-Mansiysk, which manufactures buildings for quick assembly from steel, estimated the modern cost of a new fire station of similar size in similar climatic conditions. Its price is 5 million 468 thousand rubles, including transportation costs.

– We are talking about the cost of a high-quality ASTRON building, the guaranteed lifetime of which exceeds 50 years, – explained the representative of ZAO Dmitry Vasiliev. – Judging by the photos, in Kormuzhihanka a budgetary construction of black metal was built without insulation of the cold bridges, because of which the channel is visible, inside the walls it was rusty, the wet insulation was frozen and turned into dust. This is due to the fact that inside the walls formed condensate, which destroys the heater and metal.

The specialist believes that if we are talking about domestic manufacturers of modular quick assembly structures, for example – ZAO INSI (Chelyabinsk), the price of the building will be lower by another 20-22%.

On the left – the building of the fire station in the village. Kormuzhihanka building area of 179 square meters and cost 20 million rubles, paid from the budget of KhMAO. On the right is the ASTRON sports complex “Arctic” of Gazpromneft-Yamal, built in 2017 in the village of Cape Kamenny (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District) with an area of 1020 square meters at the same price.
In the case of official confirmation of the incompatibility of the fire department in Kormuzhihanka with the terms of the state contract and the waste of budget funds, the money manager, the acting director of the state institution “Centrospas Yugoria” Yury Chekunov, is in great trouble.

In the same situation in the summer of 2017 was Andrei Kotov – the former director of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML) from Omsk, which is funded from the regional budget. He accepted and paid for the construction of a multi-story building No. 8 on Mishina Street, made by the Khanty-Mansiysk company Spetselektromontazh (SEM).

And the examination conducted after the examination established the actual difference of 18.6 million rubles, which was received by LLC “SEM” for fictitious construction services. Result – August 4, 2017 Omsk court sentenced Kotov to 3 years 10 months of imprisonment with serving in a penal colony for abuse of office (Part 3, Article 286 of the Criminal Code).

Investigating the theft of 18.6 million rubles (Article 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), the charge of which was removed from the Kotov court because of the fact that the money was disposed by representatives of the Special Electromontazh, could not be managed in the local Economic Security Department because of the low qualification of the employees. Budget money was not found.

Alexey Kondinkin departed from the management of the company “Story Assembly”. Now its general director and the sole founder with a share of 505 thousand rubles is Alexander Konoplin.

Kondinkin, from 2015, is the owner and head of OOO Yugra Region Service, which operates similar to Stroy Montazh Ltd., and the Limpopo gardening association.

During their own investigation, journalists “Without censorship” found that the company “Story Assembly” in the construction of fire departments did not participate, but performed state contract through subcontractors. It is established that the budget money was pumped through four firms. Two from Ekaterinburg – Center Stroy LLC and Prime EX LLC, and two from Novosibirsk – Dorado LLC and NSC City LLC.

The names of specific persons involved in the scam are also established. As well as the fact that on-site work was performed by guest workers and staff with low qualifications for cash.

Sources “BC” inform that there is at least one state contract for similar construction services between Stroy Montazh and CU Centrospas Yugoria, which has not yet been confirmed.

NATALIA KELNIK, NC, Khanty-Mansiysk

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  1. Прошло более 2-х месяцев а меры так и не приняты??? Значит и тут все куплено! Смысл Вашего расследования БЦ???

    1. По нашим данным аппарат комаровой проверку провел, факты подтвердились, наблюдаем – будут ли выносить сор из избы, скорее всего нет – но юридически экспертиза еще не окончена (30 дней на заключение, 30 дней на ее изучение), сроки истекают 27 апреля. Понимаете, если аппарат не сочтет себя пострадавшей стороной, юридический оснований для расследования нет – нет “потерпевшего”, грубо говоря – вас вые….. а вы считаете это нормой – насильник не будет наказан)))).
      А смысл наших расследований прост – народ должен знать чьими устами он пьет шампанское)))) не более.

      1. На ваших фотографиях видно что стены изготовлены из металлических листов, а должны из сэндвич- панелей, тут и экспертиза не нужна, факт мошенничества на лицо. Через несколько лет металл прогниет. Трех годичный гарантийный срок истек. Потом опять начнутся выемки бюджетных средств для ремонтов. Карманы руководителей Центроспаса никогда не опустеют! Подождем…

  2. Вы написали сроки истекают 27 апреля. И вот результат – Чекунов остается по-прежнему в своем кресле, при этом продолжая жировать на откатах от госконтрактов, скупая квартиры в элитных домах Ханты-Мансийска, загородные дома, дорогие иномарки для себя и своих детей. Кстати о детях – оба его сына – двухметровые богатыри вдруг оказались непригодными к службе в армии, тоже помогли откаты? Чекуновы на вопрос журналиста – служили ли ваши дети, ответили – мы за них отслужили!!! (статья в Новостях Югры ” Любовь под пулями), т.е. для чекуновых и законы другие действуют?

    1. Прокурор Павлов у нас пару недель назад документы по этому делу запросил. Наверно проверяет))) Тихо-тихо – как умеет.

  3. И что ничего прокурор не рассмотрел, мафия, власть любит коррупцию, ей видать выгодно!!

  4. Был ещё один контракт на строительство пожарных депо в 2014-2015 годах п.Б.Левши,Заречный,Н.Нарыкары, Горнореченск,Каменное Октябрьского района, а также в других районах ХМАО. Думаю там тоже есть что проверить¡

  5. С заказчиком понятно, а подрядчик то чего?Кто он? Какую ответственность понес и понес ли?Хоть покажите нам его.

    1. Вроде как возбуждение УД на носу. Почему “вроде как”? Потому что информация от сотрудника прокуратуры, который уверяет, что дело будет возбуждено на днях, но прокурорским веры то…

    2. Все данные на подрядные и субподрядные организации – в тексте. Телефоны, явки, пароли – в редакции.

  6. Ничего и не кому не надо. Ворует и всех это видать устраивает. Может действительно надо к президенту обращаться по прямой линии. Я предлагаю редакции организовать такое мероприятие с видеотрансляцией состояния пожарных депо которые скоро развалятся..

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