Архивы за месяц February, 2018

A pill from the federal security service (FSB)

A draft law on amending the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation has been prepared, substantially expanding the powers of the Federal Security Service. On Wednesday, February 14, Rosbalt reported. According to the proposed changes in the Criminal Procedure Code, the FSB investigative bodies will be able to initiate cases against special subjects.  

“I take care, I care, I care!”

Tyumen lawyer Vyacheslav Antufiev, convicted of actions in favor of the prosecution, began to threaten the mother of Yevgeny Demin, convicted for 8 years for attempted murder Attorney Vyacheslav Antufiev, who represented the interests as a result of the convicted to 8 years for an attempt on the murder of Yevgeny Demin, began to threaten the criminal case of his mother Alexandra Polyakova. The reason for this was the alleged contacts of the woman with the press and the results of the investigation of the journalists of the BC dated 25.12.17 and 23.01.18.  

The “HHS” project is included in the reserve “RVC”

The project of fast-assembly heliports of the company VVS Viktor Fedosenko from Khanty-Mansiysk is included in the register of priority financing projects of RVC “Russian Venture Company” included the project of fast assembly heliports of the company “VVS” (Khanty-Mansiysk, KhMAO) in the register of dual-purpose projects. The notification was sent to the company on Friday, 9 February. Being in the reserve will allow the project to count on direct investments without wide publicity.  

Self-checked for corruption

The Department for Combating Economic Crimes (OBEP) did not reveal violations in the actions of Khanty-Mansiysk officials who forged documents for the demolition of house No. 192 on Gagarin Street The bees refused honey, and the cockroaches – from crumbs. This conclusion was made by the head of the department for combating economic crimes and combating corruption Vyacheslav Kurin, checking employees of the administration of Khanty-Mansiysk, who were found in forging documents for the demolition of house number 192 on Gagarin Street.  

To help scammers

The Khanty-Mansiysk Internal Affairs Department (MOVD) issued a memo for scammers on how to avoid criminal punishment The Municipal Department of the Interior Khanty-Mansiysk continues to demonstrate the degradation of staff. Captain Beloborodov completed the check on the application of citizen A. with respect to his friend V., who took the money in debt and did not give.  

To suit sat

I have my own small show-ballet business. Naturally, one of the first questions that a potential customer asks me is “How much does it cost?”. Absolute majority (even those who ask first about the price and only after about the content and quality) are ordinary, sane people with whom either it turns out to agree on work, or – no.  

“Computer technology won. Temporarily.”

The project of the fast-assembled heliports of the company VVS Viktor Fedosenko from Khanty-Mansiysk lost in the semifinal RVC projects in the field of information military technology The team of projects in the real sector of the economy, including the initiative from Khanty-Mansiysk to launch the production of fast-assembly heliports, lost in a stubborn struggle to a group of projects in the field of information technology. The fight for the prize fund of 16 million rubles will continue ten projects, nine of which are directly related to the development of computer technology.  

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