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I have my own small show-ballet business. Naturally, one of the first questions that a potential customer asks me is “How much does it cost?”. Absolute majority (even those who ask first about the price and only after about the content and quality) are ordinary, sane people with whom either it turns out to agree on work, or – no.


This is a normal market relationship, “we have a commodity – you have a merchant”, no complaints.

Sometimes, but – it happens (in Russia we live), we have to deal with those for whom Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels – this is not husband and wife, but four completely different people.

“>For those who have not yet decided on the meaning of the word “CHO” – an interjection is this, the allusion of a preposition or “valenok” in Chinese, this post is dedicated:

This real story happened in the dashing 90s on the ruins of the USSR in the settlement of Kondinskoye in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug where my grandmother and grandfather lived. The local department store, which at that time was called “Yukonda” (perhaps it exists to this day) and was managed by the consumer society “Nahrachi”, they brought men’s suits at an affordable price.

Business clothing in those days was expensive, as a rule – financially inaccessible to the peasant, because it was acquired only for special important life events. And then – with an average village salary of 4,000 rubles there were men’s “deuces” for only 900, and even – imported!

The people, as the people are supposed to, rushed to the outlet and, with a single rush, clothes from the hangers dared – the party was brought in a little, many did not get to look. It turned out among the lucky ones my good friend, who took himself a suit for the upcoming wedding. “A good suit! – He shared his joy with a friend. – Practically does not crumple! ”

There was only one suit in the costume – it was too thin, tearing lightly, just a bit off where. And after washing, it sometimes breaks at the seams. Well, for such money it was possible to suffer, and to erase costumes – in general mauvais. True?

Years have passed. Quite recently – on New Year’s holidays we phoned with my friend and, I do not know how suddenly, remembered this story about those suits.

“Do you know why they were so unusual? – Asked my pumnevshy friend – the owner of a network of clothing stores, very sincerely, by the way, laughing. “Because they were … for the dead.” Yes Yes! It was, in no small way how it got into our department store, a special one-time import development, the only purpose of which was to lead a person in the last way in a worthy manner. Because everything was thin and not intended for washing. The main thing is to put it neatly into the coffin. And we played in these wedding suits, but went to graduation! Live a century – the century is smarter”.

Why am I doing this? The work of the show ballet, what the viewer sees is not just a small one, it’s a tiny tip of the iceberg. A tiny part of the huge world for making costumes, conducting rehearsals, traveling, buying equipment, cosmetics and much more.

Fabric can be expensive, and maybe “not yourself.” The LED is high-quality – or disposable. Batteries for lighting cheap, big and heavy – either modern, flat, but expensive. For each product, and for us it is in the end – our name and our numbers, there is work and attitude to this work. Which can be either qualitative, or – no.

Because everyone has the right to decide what he eventually gets – real emotions, a real holiday, real costumes, a real show, or set yourself the goal of finding yourself a budget “costume for the deceased.” Everyone has a choice.

So what”? Not this way?))))

IRINA FEDOSENKO, show ballet Care, Omsk

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