To help scammers

The Khanty-Mansiysk Internal Affairs Department (MOVD) issued a memo for scammers on how to avoid criminal punishment

The Municipal Department of the Interior Khanty-Mansiysk continues to demonstrate the degradation of staff. Captain Beloborodov completed the check on the application of citizen A. with respect to his friend V., who took the money in debt and did not give.


The police fact of receiving 100,000 rubles was established, described in the reasoned part of his decision the textbook signs of fraud – the receipt of funds by deception, the refusal to return money, but could not find the debtor and … on the basis of this in the institution of criminal proceedings refused.

It is not yet clear why the pre-investigation verdict on the economic crime was conducted by the district plenipotentiary, and not by the employees of the local Economic Police Department.

The editorial office of an independent publication publishes a resolution refusing to open a criminal case.

It follows from him that the criminal, in order to avoid criminal prosecution, simply change the phone number and address, avoid meeting with the police and be ready to bark about civil-law relations, which (to the likely sincere surprise of the local police – NK comment) are not may be subject to legal proceedings in the absence of a written contract or receipt.

Now the rejection material is on approval in room No. 2 on Mira, 27 from the deputy local prosecutor Vitaly Belentsov. Which, as repeatedly confirmed by the BC investigations, has no interest in disputes between ordinary citizens, but is engaged either in the fabrication of custom-made cases (or their liquidation) on orders from above or for personal purposes, or creates the appearance of work on obvious crimes that do not require a visa in judicial evidence .

In particular, Belentsov lit up the illegal pursuit of the farmer Valery Safiullin, whose plot in the vicinity of the village of Yarki in the Khanty-Mansiysky district prevented the passage of representatives of the local functionary from United Russia, Sidorov.

The criminal case against Safiullin was closed by Belentsov himself, who for two years considered the peasant’s harassment legal, and then, before being transferred to court, he stopped it – immediately, as soon as the farmer was ruined, he refused land and left KhMAO.

Today, a bunch of “Belentsov-Diskin (head of the local investigative department) – investigator” continues to be engaged in the fabrication of custom-made criminal cases against other persons.

NATALIA KELNIK, NC, Khanty-Mansiysk

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