The “HHS” project is included in the reserve “RVC”

The project of fast-assembly heliports of the company VVS Viktor Fedosenko from Khanty-Mansiysk is included in the register of priority financing projects of RVC

“Russian Venture Company” included the project of fast assembly heliports of the company “VVS” (Khanty-Mansiysk, KhMAO) in the register of dual-purpose projects. The notification was sent to the company on Friday, 9 February. Being in the reserve will allow the project to count on direct investments without wide publicity.


“>Often this is a prerequisite for products used in both the civilian and defense industries of the country.

“Good news,” commented Viktor Fedosenko. – The leaders of the track Dual Technologies hinted to the contestants that there will not be losers among the semi-finalists – the winners will go on to win, the rest will not remain without work after summing up the contest results and “working on the bugs”. The words did not differ.

The project manager reported that, following the results of the session in Moscow, the work on the creation of heliports was adjusted:

“We took into account the recommendations of the track experts, listened to the advice of representatives of the Ilyushin concern, and now concentrated their efforts not so much on the design and installation of fast assembly helicopters, as such, as on the creation of a heliport network management system.

With a single dispatch system, with its software, service, security system, able to integrate into the existing system of civil air transportation of Russia. Will it come to the appearance in Yugra of the first private helicopter company? Why not? Great things do not start with auto-training for self-assertion, but with the phrase “Okay, x … with him, let’s try.” So we are trying, – Viktor Fedosenko said.

The VVS helicopter, capable of receiving a MI-8 helicopter with a full load of up to 13 tons, is assembled for two days by three people without the use of construction equipment in any terrain without negative impact on nature. It can be dismantled at any time, transported and assembled in a new place an unlimited number of times.

The project passed an in-depth selection and examination of Generation S of the Russian Venture Company, having entered the list of 46 projects recognized as the best among 399 applications from all over Russia and admitted to the semi-final of the track Dual Technologies.

On Tuesday, February 6, the project of the fast-assembling heliports of the VVS Company Viktor Fedosenko lost in the semifinal of the RVC competition to projects in the field of information technology in a stubborn struggle and dropped out of the fight for 16 million prize-winning rubles.

NATALIA KELNIK, NC, Khanty-Mansiysk

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