Self-checked for corruption

The Department for Combating Economic Crimes (OBEP) did not reveal violations in the actions of Khanty-Mansiysk officials who forged documents for the demolition of house No. 192 on Gagarin Street

The bees refused honey, and the cockroaches – from crumbs. This conclusion was made by the head of the department for combating economic crimes and combating corruption Vyacheslav Kurin, checking employees of the administration of Khanty-Mansiysk, who were found in forging documents for the demolition of house number 192 on Gagarin Street.


“Denial”, dated December 26, 2017, came the day before to Vera Golubeva, the owner of apartment No. 3 of the four-apartment house.

The head of the Khanty-Mansiysk OBEP Vyacheslav Kurin is the head of one of the weakest structural units of the Ugra police. For something oh-oh, very executive. The Pasoedool in uniform at any place as directed from above is not a question at all.

We will remind you that in the autumn the Golubevs’ family was notified of the impending demolition. The package of documents from officials, in addition to the paper itself about the forthcoming eviction, contained an evaluation report specifying a redemption amount of 1.33 million rubles for a well-appointed apartment with an area of ​​36.3 square meters.

The average market value of similar secondary housing in the same area (r. Lermontov – comment IN) is on average 2.7 million rubles. Without taking into account the market value of 1/4 of the share of the land plot, 12.9 hundred parts (another about 3 million rubles – about I.N.), which Golubeva officials take away gratuitously.

The formal basis for this was the recognition of the house number 192 emergency and subject to demolition in the same regional program.

The head of the local administration, Maxim Ryashin, who is part of the personnel reserve for the post of governor of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District, hastened to ruminate in the media about the successes of the city authorities on this path. But, it seems, unexpectedly for myself, I got caught up in the fraud of facts.

During a personal meeting with Vera Golubeva on October 31, 2017, the mayor demonstrated a collective statement of apartment owners at No. 192 who asked to recognize the building as an emergency and settle them in a municipal housing fund.

Residents of the capital house No. 192 on Gagarin Street in Khanty-Mansiysk became hostage to the machinations of local officials who, for the sake of seizing the land, turned it into an emergency and wooden

It is necessary to clarify that two apartments are in charge of the municipality – that is, officials “asked” for themselves, two – private property, whose owners’ signatures contain signs of falsification.

The fact that she did not apply to any of the similar requests to the local administration, Vanya Golubeva reported to the local prosecutor’s office and internal affairs agencies in the autumn of 2017 that she did not have a collective meeting of tenants, and her signature was a fake one.

In the course of their own investigation, journalists “Without censorship” found that no visiting commission on the site was working, and in the assessment documents it was stated that in fact the brick capital house No. 192 is a wooden dilapidated building.

A “pocket expert” Mars Ibrahimov, who, as soon as the fraud was made public, tried to make a good evaluation of the house (also without leaving the place – comment by IN), making a good mistake in a bad game, stating a technical error.

Verification on the application of Vera Golubeva passed according to a standard corruption scenario.

After public disclosure, the woman’s lawyer Mikhail Grabovsky was summoned to the district bar association – the human rights activist in a rather harsh manner described the actions of officials and Ryashin himself in a comment published in the newspaper “Without censorship” on December 10,

The chairman of the Chamber, Valery Anisim, had a conversation with Grabovsky about the inadmissibility of communicating with the independent press in cases involving the first persons of the city authorities.

Yabed head of the Khanty-Mansiysk Maxim Ryashin after the publication of the article “Leave Us Alone” complained to Mikhail Grabovsky – the lawyer of the Golubevs’ family, to the district attorney’s chamber. Where did they hold a preventive conversation with the human rights defender, recommending that they not comment on the case in the press with the participation of officials

After the representatives of the municipal supervisory body began to make a fuss, they began to perform poorly coordinated actions.

First – in October 2017, the staff of the Khanty-Mansiysk inter-district prosecutor’s office quite expected to side with officials.

And in November, “having changed their shoes in the air,” they unexpectedly informed us that “there is still nothing clear”, the verification is underway. This was done traditionally to gain time to lower the initiative of Golubeva “on the brakes”.

What eventually happened and in December came a letter about the absence of grounds for prosecutorial response – all the “wiped”, “tails” hid.

It is noteworthy that the last letter signed by the “eel” -counselor Vladimir Markov (№07-959с-17) is dated December 1, 2017 – the date when the local OBEP just started checking. And, at the behest of this very deputy.

It is not clear how the “psychic” Markov in the coffee stain on his shirt on December 1 was able to predetermine its result 25 days before the “work” of the police officers.

But Kurin’s reply of 26.12.17 to Vera Golubeva turned out to be an actual statement of the student on the knowledge of the works of the Deputy Prosecutor Markov and, in particular, the opus dated 01.12.17. In which all the sharp angles of the incident were carefully circumvented, an assessment of the evidence of the machinations of officials was made selectively, and the paper itself is replete with various “NON-WORKS”.

In particular, in the reply of Kurin:

1. The fact of a fake signature of Golubeva is not assessed or mentioned at all;

2. There is no mention or verification of the legality of the absent assessment (without the officials leaving for the place – about I.N.) at home;

3. The circumstances of the mysterious disappearance of the results of the examination of LLC Alex Group, allegedly recognized the house number 192 as an emergency in 2013, whose director – Vladislav Sinyakov, is not mentioned or studied, the conclusion “lost”, as soon as the scandal began to gain momentum;

4. There is no mention or assessment of the conclusion of the Yugorsk Institute for the Development of the Construction Industry, whose experts in 2017 established the actual wear of a building with a 90-centimeter wall at 54%;

5. Do not question the members of the municipal commission allegedly present at the meeting of residents and made a conclusion about the accident at home.

Within a month, the subordinates of Kurina managed to interview only two (!) Witnesses. One – the pocket expert of the administration – Mars Ibragimov, who “oh, oshsybsya one time, yes, we’ll strike a noise like this, vah.” The second was a staff member of the directorate for the maintenance of municipal property with the amazingly sweet name Lubochkin, who admitted that he had indeed rushed Ibrahimov with expertise and provided him with a leaflet with inaccurate information.

Based on a survey of these individuals and other Labuda, which has nothing to do with the circumstances of the fraud, Kurin concluded that there was no criminal offense in the actions of officials who forged documents for the demolition of house No. 192 on Gagarin Street.

The Golubevs’ family lives at No. 192 on Gagarin Street in Khanty-Mansiysk since 1999, until now. Together with the married couple and their 13-year-old son, Vera Golubeva’s mother, 94-year-old Maria Ivanovna Purtova, who lived through the hard years of the Great Patriotic War, famine, cold and devastation, hides, but, she said, “could not think that she would face shameless treatment of themselves by officials. ”

BC experts agree that the Golubevs’ family needs to act not consistently, but simultaneously in several directions, the priority of which is to apply to the Khanty-Mansiysk District Court.

All other instances are included in the corruption chain and are not interested in creating problems of local authorities.

In court, on the recommendation of experts, the main requirement should be the demand to cancel a number of documents of the administration of Khanty-Mansiysk, which became the basis for an attempt to seize the house and the land plot of the Golubevs.

And the sooner it is done – the more likely it is not to be on the street with a grandmother for 94 years.

IGOR NIKITIN, NC, Khanty-Mansiysk

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