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Tyumen lawyer Vyacheslav Antufiev, convicted of actions in favor of the prosecution, began to threaten the mother of Yevgeny Demin, convicted for 8 years for attempted murder

Judging by the photos on the web, Selfie is one of Antufyev’s favorite attorneys.

Attorney Vyacheslav Antufiev, who represented the interests as a result of the convicted to 8 years for an attempt on the murder of Yevgeny Demin, began to threaten the criminal case of his mother Alexandra Polyakova. The reason for this was the alleged contacts of the woman with the press and the results of the investigation of the journalists of the BC dated 25.12.17 and 23.01.18.


The incident occurred on February 6, but it became known only on the eve. BC sources inform that Antufiev in a telephone conversation threatened Polyakova with the institution of a criminal case for slander. It is about information about 2.5 million rubles, which, according to the BC, the lawyer received from a woman in the defense of Demin.

According to the results of his own investigation, only the first 500 thousand were formalized by the official agreement between Antufiev and Polyakova (by the way, other defendants were protected for amounts ranging from 80 to 100 thousand). The rest of the money was needed for Antufyev to “pay compensation to the injured party,” “correct passage of the appeal,” “improvement of conditions of detention in SIZOs,” and so on.

As a result, the woman was left without an apartment, money and a son.

Analyzing the course of the case, comparing the results of actions of human rights defenders in similar cases, the experts of the independent publication came to the conclusion that the defense line of Demin, chosen by the lawyer Antufiev, contains obvious signs of action in favor of the prosecution. Named in the criminal environment the work of a “red” lawyer.

On January 22, Antufyev’s colleague on work at the West Siberian Bar Association (ZSKA) Vitaly Shcherbakov announced the prosecution of the author of the journalistic investigation and the management of the publication. Sam offended by the editor does not call.

– There is an eastern saying: “The barking dog does not bite,” commented Alexander Ilyin, editor-in-chief of the project “Without censorship”, commenting on the activity of the ZSCA staff. – The call of Antufyev Polyakova, in my opinion – this is a provocation. The person who called probably wrote a conversation and tried to discourage the woman from responding with a sharp reaction. And in the fever, any person can say such a thing … Only the caller seldom thinks that he himself is being preventively written and he is in a situation “on the contrary”.

According to Ilyin, Antufiev’s threats to worsen conditions for the detention of Polyakova’s son, if they correspond to reality, “this is a bluff.”

– First, people who have such opportunities, do not advertise themselves. I happened to communicate with one of those who have the power to send any mortal to the bunks with one phone call. One of these cases is sucked in the second year by the Ural media, although the outcome has long been clear. For such people, no law or judge is an obstacle in principle. And it’s scary. Despite our smooth business relations, my hair on my back always stood up when he looked after me – this morning you will go to work, and you will return after 15 years with camp tuberculosis. Believe me, Antufiev is not one of them. And secondly, with such connections, wards, if they are asked for, and for money from selling my mother’s apartment, they do not appear on the dock, “Ilyin concluded.

Vyacheslav Antufyev works in Tyumen and, according to the statistics of the aggregator rospravosudie.com, monitoring the activities of lawyers, mainly specializes in protecting the wards for drunken driving, violation of the rules of maneuvering and massacre. There are no complicated cases in the asset of the representative of ZSKA.

Recall that a resident of Khanty-Mansiysk, Yevgeny Demin, was convicted of preparing for an attempted murder to 8 years in a strict-regime colony in 2016. He was charged with an incident that occurred on November 7, 2014 in one of the high-rise buildings of Tyumen. According to the investigation, Demin, through his friend Borov, hired two Caucasians to eliminate the former husband of his lover – Evgenia Baskakova.

Gagiev and Barchanoyev allegedly had to knock on the door and throw a grenade of RGD-5 into the apartment of the injured Stepan Baskakov. When choosing this version of the investigators did not embarrass that the crime using grenades on the morning of the working day on the 10th floor in the center of Tyumen, brought to zero the chances of the criminals to remain unscathed and go undetected.

The figurants of the case, as they say, gave confessions in Tyumen Obnop under severe torture by electric current, suffocation, threat of rape. At the first opportunity, three of the four suspects (including a resident of the village of Yarki, Khanty-Mansiysk region – now deceased on the Borov-prim zone, IN) declined to confess, declaring the use of prohibited methods of inquiry.

Eugene Demin became the only one who admitted guilt in exchange for a promise to obtain a conditional condemnation. Attorney Vyacheslav Antufiev did not file a single petition for his medical (including independent) examination. Despite the fact that the human rights activist knew from the first days, Demin and Gagiev suffered from electric shock on the wet mattress more than others – to the point of refusal of legs due to damage to the nervous system.

The statement of Caucasians about torture was refuted by the results of medical examination of suspects in SIZO-1. a full-time paramedic whose burns in places of contact with bare wires on the hands and feet of Demin, Gagiev, Barchanoyev and Borov did not find.

It is noteworthy that SIZO-1 is the place of permanent service of the injured Stepan Baskakov before retiring. A grenade RGD-5, which appears in the materials of the case, as a weapon is criminal.

Gagiev and Barchanoyev explained their presence in the entrance of Baskakov by the fact that they were going to deceive the latter with information about the upcoming murder, which they did not intend to commit, and receive a monetary reward for it.

The video recording of the detention of alleged criminals in the entrance of the house where the injured Baskakov lived, made by law enforcement officers, disappeared in the midst of the trial. Although previously a representative of the prosecutor’s office confirmed the existence of the protocol.

The same record, according to the lawyers of the defendants, testified that Gagiyev and Barchanoyev did not go up to the stairwell of the victim’s apartment, but were on the floor below between the 8th and 9th floors – rather strange behavior for the killers, the only weapon of which is a grenade.

Mysteriously disappeared the witness – a man from the 8th floor, who went out to smoke and saw that the detention was not at all on the staircase of the 10th floor, as evidenced by SOBR officers, and there was no grenade.

There is no decision in the case materials to conduct operative-search activities during which the alleged criminals were detained. The victim stated that he applied to the OVNP on October 29, while the law enforcers in court stated that the Baskakov had only seen the department for the first time on November 5.

The criminal case could take a scandalous turn with serious consequences for the representatives of the law enforcement agencies, if almost the only procedural “straw” – Evgeni Demin’s confessions, which were the basis of the charge, and which he adhered to until the last day, on the instruction of the lawyer Antufiev, .

Lawyers acting in the interests or in agreement with the investigative bodies, representatives of the prosecutor’s office in the criminal world are called “reds.” The line of defense of Demin was criticized by experts of “NC” on 24.12.17.

The detailed information about the case is available in the text “No one can stand” on the link and in the PDF-version of the issue.

IGOR NIKITIN, NC, Khanty-Mansiysk

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